Information Needed From Employer

we require the following details to start the recruitment procedures:
1. About the project
2. Place the work
3. Category in which workers are required
4. Number of workers required in each category
5. Detailed job description of each category
6. Minimum qualification and experience required for each category
7. Salary, other terms and facilities offered provided to the workers
8. Duration of contract
9. About the food, accommodation and other facilities provided to the workers
10. When the workers are required in the site
11. Any other specifications or any other terms offered to the workers
12. Durations for the visas or entry permits to be processed

After getting the above information we will advice you the availability of workers readily available in our data bank in each category. In case any changes is required in tha salary or any other terms offered to the workers, we will get back to you in 24 hours time, to negotiate and amend the same. after this we can immediately start the recruitment.

Formalities to be observed by honorable clients:
As per regulation laid by the ministry of labour department Nepal Government the following
documents are required from a foreign employer to enable to the agent ot proceed with
the recruitment:
1. Demand letter
2. Power of attorney
3. Employment agreement
4. Agency agreement
5. Authorization letter(Saudi and Japan)
6. Visa slip (Saudi and Japan)

All the above documents must be attested in the country of employment by:
– The Chamber of Commerce
– Ministry of Foreign Affair / Labour
– Nepal Embassy