We find the right people to meet your needs; we provide the highest possible levels of service; and we stand by our results. Having placed over 20,550+ people since inception, SBO knows the world market place, and more importantly WE KNOW PEOPLE.

At the shortest period of its appearance in the international market, Nepalese manpower is being accepted and liked by the clients internationally due to their sincerity, honesty, bravery and dedication on their given work. Further they are also being sought due to the fact that they are relatively cheaper, economical and dependent comparing to their contemporaries from other countries in this region.

No. of Foreign Bound workers deployed by SBO Nepal

S.No. Country Name Deployed No.
1 Qatar 15,000+
2 Saudi Arabia 10,000+
3 United Arab Emirates 400+
4 Oman 100+
5 Bharain 100+
6 Japan 55+
7 Cyprus 20+

Since 2001
Above table shows our contribution in the field of human resources deployment from Nepal totaling to almost 25000+ workers.