we are a Human Resource consultancy company specializing in the recruitment, training and consulting areas. with our extensive hands on experience in these fields and our wide network of contacts in the industry, SBO is perfectly positioned to assist any company in finding the right candidate or finding any candidate the perfect job. SBO, the
leading provider of strategic human resource solutions, helps organizations align their workforce to meet changing business needs and offers in depth capabilities in employee transition, development and selection. Today the company focuses on staffing, clerical, industrial and technical positions with some of the world’s premier organizations and work in a way that fits your lifestyle permanent, temporary, contract, aprt-time, fulltime. Provide innovative work force solutions to companies of all sizes worldwide to meet the challenges of today’s changing business environment and to help companies maximize the efficiency and productivity of their workforce through our wide array of services and capabilities.

we offer a variety of creative service options, including
1. Global, multinational service contracts
2. Re-engineering employee skill-sets to match the needs of a changing work place.
3. Placement programs to ensure a positive transition for outgoing employees.
4. Quality assessment, testing and training for virtually any type of job.

We achieve this through our proprietary processes of selection and training; the center for quality employement opportunities. Our customer and employee portal are designed to provide world class technology to complement and support the services. we deliver to our customers, candidates and employees along the trainging courses to improve3 their skills and gain technical certifications that help them to qualify for better job. The programs provides training and work experience for young people to help facilitate theri integration into the labor market, manpower has developed innovative workforce development programs-both large scale national initiatives and smaller local efforts-to help people engage in sustainable employment.

we help shape the workforce of tomorrow by providing job skills that are most in demand to the people who need help to find a meaningful career path today. We are associated with the majority of multinational business in different categories.